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Dr. Chet Tharpe, MD is an allergy & immunology specialist in Daniel Island, SC. with a passion to help parents of children with allergic conditions, clients suffering from allergies themselves, and those with eczema or asthma, to life a better life and breathe easier.



Action plans, fundamentals, valuable resources, advice, and guidance on how to breathe easier as you navigate life with asthma.

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Food Allergies

Gain confidence and knowledge with action plans, on-going education, and thoughtful mentorship that will allow you to navigate through life’s daily obstacles and challenges.

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Allergies to Peanuts | Peanut Component Testing

Hi, my name is Dr. Chet Tharpe, and I’m a board-certified allergy specialist in South Carolina.Today I am going to discuss a post from the food allergy treatment talk group on Facebook,where a mother reports that her now 19-month-old was...

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Apple Allergy Treatment – Swollen Lip

My name is Dr. Chet Tharpe and I’m a board-certified allergy specialist located in South Carolina. I am making this video blog in response to a post on the Facebook group “Parents of Children with Multiple Food Allergies“. To summarize...

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Education is your passport to a healthier, more confident futre. Discover credible insights, tips, facts, treatments, misconceptions and more that’ll leave you feeling empowered and supported.

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Identify triggers, treatment concerns, misconceptions and become educated through unique coaching that will free you from living with insecurity or devastating flare-ups.


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No more suffering. If ENT issues are disrupting your life, dive into the valuable resources, information and prevention plans that will give you clarity… literally.


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Explore valuable resources, must-know information, and advice on how to navigate a stress-free life parenting a child with allergic conditions.

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