Allergy Relief Tips – Resistant Urticaria

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My name is Dr. Chet Tharpe, and I’m a board-certified allergist in South Carolina. This video
blog involves a post from the chronic urticaria support group on Facebook. To summarize the
post, this person reported they have been suffering from terrible hive flares that were
uncontrolled and ongoing despite a year of Xolair, prednisone, and antihistamines. She reported
weight gain and was obviously beyond frustrated and depressed. The person uploaded pics of
their hives as well as swelling of their eyelids which we refer to as angioedema or swelling of the
deeper tissues that commonly accompanies urticaria. She was looking for any other ideas or
input from the group as she didn’t know what her next move should be. This is a very difficult
case and I have experienced a few similar instances first hand. I’d like to share my thoughts as an
allergy specialist and hopefully provide some words of encouragement and direction. If you are
going through a similar situation, I hope that this blog will help you as well. Obviously, I’m not
your allergist or your physician. So please do not take any of this as direct medical advice.

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