Allergy Relief Tips – Life with Asthma – Chet Tharpe MD

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My name is Dr. Chet Tharpe. And I’m a board certified allergy and asthma specialist in South
Carolina. And today, I saw a very brief post on The Asthma Support Group on Facebook that
asked, “is it possible to live a happy life with asthma?” And I just wanted to reach out and do this
video blog not only for the person who posted this but also the millions out there who are likely
asking the very same question. I will emphatically state that it is totally possible to live a happy
and healthy and normal life with asthma. My goal for all of my asthma patients, even my most
severe asthma patients, is that they live an absolutely normal life without any limitations
whatsoever and you can too. I take it personally and tell my patients that if their asthma is not
controlled, I need to do a better job of working with them to control it. I need to obviously make
sure I’m prescribing the right medications and adjust as needed. But also, if you’re not taking the
medication or not taking the medication appropriately, I still feel that is my obligation to educate
you on why it is so important and necessary for you to do so in order to live that happy life
without limits and thrive in the face of asthma.

Remember, asthma is an inflammatory condition of the lungs. So your lungs are inflamed,
they’re on fire. If you and your doctors can get you on a medication regimen to control that fire
and keep it quiet despite any triggers such exertion, temperature or allergy exposures, then you
can do anything anyone else can. And I know when that fire is out of control, your chest is tight,
you’re constantly wheezing, coughing or short of breath, you may feel there is no hope. But I
also know if you are diligent with your physicians, communicate with them what you are feeling,
keep an open mind and keep trying new things and techniques such as ensuring that you’re doing
your inhalers right, that you’re taking your medications correctly that your asthma will get better
controlled. And you absolutely should get to the point where you can do whatever anyone else
can do and lead a healthy, normal life.

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